How to get to Ilha do Guajirú

  • We'll pick you up!!!
    or get a shuttle, bus or taxi,...
    ...or hire a car

Ilha do Guajirú is located almost at the equator in the state of Ceara, approximately 170 km west from Fortaleza's International airport. There are many airlines flying to Fortaleza:

Late 2007 a brand new highway was build between Fortaleza and Itarema!!!
The possibilities to get to Ilha do Guajirú:

  • CONTACT US!!! We arrange airport pick ups! If booked in advance, we will arrange to have our driver pick you up and bring you directly to Ilha do Guajirú and pousada Guajirú Kite Safari.
  • Hire a taxi shuttle directly to Ilha do Guajiru. It's approximately 2hours and 20 minutes and will cost 350-600 R. The price depends on how many people are travelling.
  • Arrange to take a public coach bus. It runs from Fortaleza to Itarema and will take 5-6 hours. The cost is approximately 30R. Check their website:
  • Finaly you can rent a car at Fortaleza's airport. This way you're completly independent during your stay in Brazil. Prices start from 35R a day (low season) and 50R (high season).

A new International Airport is opening soon at CRUZ, only 30 km from Itarema !!!

Getting a Brazilian Visa

When you come from the European Union or carry an EU passport you don't need a Visa. You're allowed to stay for 6 months.

When you come from the USA or Canada, you do need a Brazilian Visa. Go to your local Brasilian Consulate or go online to download the Visa application form. You should apply at least 3-4 weeks in advance, if not earlier, to avoid delays to your flight or trip.