Guajirú Kite Safari

Our beachfront pousada at Ilha do Guajirú can offer you comfortable Sahara tents, provided with electricity and internet connection. Reduced prices if you book before end of may!!!

Ilha do Guajirú is located at Brazil’s equator and is mostly famous for it’s giant, massive Lagoon.

If you want to keep things simple and don't want to spent a lot of money on your stay in Brazil, then our pousada is the perfect solution.

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Our guarantee:
No wind, no pay

The lagoon of Ilha do Guajirú is also called the FLATWATERSEA. There is hardly water available anywhere worldwide, that is flatter while at the same time of this size.

Furthermore no place posesses such TOP WIND statistics as Ilha do Guajirú!
So, perfect for kitesurfing. All year round!

If kiteboarding is your thing, our pousada gives you a unique guarantee: No wind? Stay free!

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No Wind Guarantee

all the way ...

If you love Ecotourism, wildlife and nature, Illha do Guajirú is a great place to visit!

Ilha do Guajirú can offer you:

  • massive mangroves,
  • a giant Amazon like river,
  • a unique fauna & flora,
  • a huge lagoon,
  • various spectacular beaches,
  • the dunes and the sea behind it.

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Ilha do Guajirú

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Ilha do Guajiru ecotourism