Ilha do Guajirú Ecotourism

lha do Guajirú, located at Brazil's equator, literally has all ingredients in place for unmatched ecotourism.

Ilha do Guajirú is a complex ecosystem that consists of a huge lagoon, massive mangroves, an Amazon like river, various spectacular beaches, beautiful dunes and the ocean.

A wide variety of fauna and flora is found here. You will discover numerous birds and butterflies, lizards and friendly chameleons, tropical fish and seaturtles.

Not far from Ilha do Guajirú (appr. 6 km) Ceará's famous seaturtle project, called "Tamar", is located. The project Tamar exists in 9 states of Brazil and one of them is in Almofala. Various interesting species are kept in different basins and pools, and you can watch them from nearby. In the region appr. 1100 km of coastline is a protected area.

If you enjoy some excitement in the middle of abundant nature & wildlife, go Mangrove climbing! At the island's 2nd interior area (about 20 minutes walking from Praia da Barra) you will find massive, giant mangroves growing wildly. The Mangrove roots are so big and strong, that they can easily carry your weight.

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