Ilha do Guajirú beaches & watersports

Ilha do Guajirú offers you stunning white sanded beaches, huge palmtrees and crystal clear turquoise blue waters. Furthermore a consistent water temperature of 26°C and air temperature between 28 and 34°C, with no less than 8 hours of sunshine a day! A paradise for relaxing and watersports.

  • Swimming of the beaches of Ilha do Guajirú is really nice, safe and comfortable. Try out the shallow and excellent swimming water of the Pearl Lagoon and bath in privacy, with only the noise of birds and the sea around you.
  • Canoeing is possible in the lagoon, the Amazon like river, the wide ocean, but also in the Mangroves and numerous creeks and canals. Start exploring the island's unique and interesting ecological ingredients!
  • Windsurfing in the Main Lagoon (4000 meters long and 400 meters wide) with superflat water and a good wind EVERYDAY! Mostly from 15 to 25 knots, side shore and completely steady. You'll find excellent waves at 'The Secret Spot' or at the downwind beaches of Praia do Guajirú where the river meets the ocean, and at Praia das Dunas in the open Sea!
  • Sailing is really attractive in such a wind blessed area as Ilha do Guajirú. But sailing is even more challenging when you try to master the local "Jangada" boats! As an alternative you can also ask one of the local captains to take you on a relaxing tour around the island.

Ilha do Guajirú Beach Photo Gallery