Ilha do Guajirú, the Flatwatersea

  • Ilha do Guajirú
    Famous for it's giant, massive Lagoon
    aka the 'Flatwatersea'

Ilha do Guajirú is located in the northeast of Brasil, in the state of Ceará, near to Fortaleza. It is mostly famous for it’s giant, massive Lagoon. Due to the perfect direction of wind and water, the Main Lagoon is called the FLATWATERSEA. There is hardly water available anywhere worldwide, that is flatter while at the same time of this size. The lagoon is more then 4 kilometers long and up to 400 meter wide!

With the Dunes in the front and Praia da Barra at the back, the Main Lagoon offers an absolute safe harbour for every kind of watersporter. You will find direct access to the Main Lagoon directly from Praia da Barra, Praia do Guajirú, Praia das Dunas and the Secret Spot. These spots, regardless of low tide, always offer wonderfull rides!

More Highlights of Ilha do Guajirú

  • Enjoys an average of approximately 3000 hours sun every year!
  • Has an ideal climate, being located almost at the equator!
  • Reaches temperatures average between 26 & 32 degrees Celcius everyday!
  • Has no lack of water at any time, due to the massive Lagoon in the front and a River circling at the back!
  • If you love Eco Tourism, wildlife and nature, Ilha do Guajirú is a great place to visit!
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  • There is a wealth of different places to explore and discover around Ilha do Guajirú.
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