Ilha do Guajirú surroundings

There is a wealth of different places to explore and discover on and around Ilha do Guajirú.

  • Driving west of Ilha do Guajirú you will find the widest beaches in the world, at low tide they are up to 3 km wide!!
  • If you appreciate to experience Brazil's local lifestyle, then Itarema is definitely worth a visit. It's no more than 10 minutes away. Enjoy Itarema's many coloured houses, the municipality house or the village's main road, where all Itarema's activities and shopping takes place.
  • The village of Acaraú is 20 minutes to the west and offers an opportunity to see a non-tourist effected Brazilian's way of life. Don't miss out on the weekly Capoeira sessions – a local fight dance which is truly impressive! You should try it, it's an amazing workout!
  • A 40-minute car drive to the beach of Preá will reward with the stunning views from the 5 meter uplevelled sandy beach. Have lunch here in one of the fantastic beachfront restaurants and watch the many kitesurfers flying through the air.
  • Or drive up to Jericoacoara, about 45 minutes away from Ilha do Guajirú and check out the sunset from the top of the giant sand dune - watch the spectacle of the sun sinking in the tropical ocean.

Nightlife in and around Ilha do Guajirú

  • Ilha do Guajirú has a calm and relaxed athmosphere. So you will find a more relaxed outdoor nightlife such as open-air festivities, camp fires, BBQ's, and dancing on the beach in the moonlight.
  • If you look for clubs and bars you'll find these in the nearby villages and towns of Itarema and Acaraú. You will find Itarema's 2 largest nightclubs on the main exiting road to Acaraú.
  • A must do whilst in Ceará is to visit a local forró party where the locals really go for it.
  • Ask the Brazilian locals for special events, everyone is friendly and loves to talk to you, they will let you know what's going on!

Ilha do Guajirú Surroundings & Nightlife Photo Gallery