Accommodation at Pousada Guajirú Kite Safari

At Guajiru's tented Kite Safari you'll enjoy both comfort and charm, along with the serenity and silence of the ecological paradise of Ilha do Guajirú. It's beachfront located at Praia da Tartaruga, under the palmtrees.
Reduced prices if you book before end of may!!!

You'll be staying in comfortable Sahara tents covered by thatched roofs, all equiped with electricity and internet connection. There are various models of tents available and there's a common building with sanitation facilities, showers, a kitchen and a bar.
F.Y.I. the water is even pumped up by our famous winds and is purified after use! Plus, we produce our own electricity with wind and solar energy!!! Ecotourism all the way...

Our location is ideal for relaxing, but also as a starting point for kitesurfing or other watersports. Furthermore it's an excellent spot for exploring the natural wonders of an ecological paradise. Learn more about ecotourism on Guajirú »

We stand for simplicity and natural ambience, like campfires and preparing your own food at your private BBQ!
Still, if you stay with us breakfast is included anyway. And if you don't want any hassle about food, we'll be happy to prepare you lunch and dinner for a reasonable price. Take a look at our prices »

We arrange airport pick ups! If booked in advance, we will arrange to have our driver pick you up and bring you directly to Ilha do Guajirú and pousada Guajirú Kite Safari.

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