Food & drinks

Almost all imaginable dishes are available for you in the restaurants and bars on Ilha do Guajirú. The majority of the island's restaurants are found at Praia da Barra, very near to the turquoise blue waterfront of the main lagoon. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner while watching the sunset, beach action and watersports right in front of you!

  • Fish, shrimps & lobster!!!
  • Brazilian dishes and specialities
  • Delicious European food & daily snacks
  • Italian pasta's & pizza's
  • Sushi & salads
  • BBQ's

Due to the Islands natural beauty and abundance of wildlife many visitors appreciate the calm and relaxed atmosphere. That's why you'll find a more relaxed outdoor nightlife on Ilha do Guajirú (open-air festivities, camp fires, BBQ's, and dancing on the beach). If you look for clubs and bars you'll find these in the nearby villages and the towns of Itarema and Acaraú.